Toddler 3 

'The stage of the questions" Why, What's that, and usually an answer. The next step " Be ready for Pre-Kindergarden. Program planners use this knowledge to develop goals that form the basis for planning for this age level

Toddler 2 

In this stage the teachers focus on preparing your child for the next level, having the maximum possibility of exploration 

18 to 24 Months 

Beginning at around 18 months, identity becomes the dominate theme for them. Teachers help toddlers find appropriate ways to assert themselves by supporting their individuality, giving them choices whenever possible, and introducing social guidlelines

12 to 18 Months 

This is a time of curiosity with children into anything and everything. Throughout this period, mental development is closely linked to motor and language, and need physical support constant care from the teacher. The ability of the teacher will be successful in a safe atmosphere. 


Goals: Control motor movements and move about

Use abilities in learning about the world through seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. 

The training infant teachers provide is a warm and loving enviroment

Day Care Program